How To Fix The Error Application Installer File Is Damaged?

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When you are installing different apps on your computer, the first thing you need to do is to actually download the application installer file from the app’s website. From there, you have to open the installer file once it is done downloading. However, there are some instances where, upon opening the application installer file, an error message appears and says that the file is damaged. So, when that happens, how do you fix a damaged application installer file?

You can change the date of your computer back to a certain date depending on the file you are installing or download an older version of the installer file. The reason why this is the case is due to how the certificate used to sign the installer file has expired or simply because the newer version is damaged.

It can actually be problematic at times when you are installing an app and you actually downloaded the installer properly but the installer file is said to be damaged. Now, in most cases, this shouldn’t be your fault but it can be due to certain circumstances that are out of your control. As such, it is important to know why the error message is showing and how you can fix such an error on your installation file.

Why would I need to use this fix for Cricut crafts?

In the crafting world, the Cricut crafting world in particular you will use many different apps. I use an abundance of apps for all of my crafting. You can read all about the different apps you can use with Cricut crafting in this article. One of the most commonly used apps for Cricut is Design Space which is typically compatible with all computer types. There are some such as InkScape, PicsArt and others that are not compatible (mostly with Apple products) that you will use this tip for.

Why is my application installer file damaged and how do I fix it?

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Unlike smartphones, tablets, and other operating systems, most Windows computers would actually require you to download the installer file of a certain app or program so that you could run the installer on your computer. The difference here is that, in other operating systems and devices, you can just simply go to a dedicated app store where you can download the app and the app store will automatically install the app once the file has been downloaded from the app store.

However, even though Windows computers do have their dedicated app store, some third-party apps will still require you to go to the developer’s website and download the installer file there. This can be tedious but this is usually the only way for you to install certain apps from different developers that didn’t intend to make their installer available in your operating system’s app store. As such, you still need to go to the website to download the file and then use the installer to install the app that you want to use. This method has been in use for a very long time already.

However, there are some instances when, after successfully downloading the installer file from the website and opening the file on your Windows computer, the operating system will prompt you with an error message that says that the installer file is damaged. This can be quite common even though you actually properly downloaded the installer file from the website.

So, if your computer is showing a message that says that the installer file is damaged, what is the reason why that is happening? Well, there can be various reasons that may lead to this problem. And your job here is to try to look at every reason to see if one of them is the main culprit.

  1. Application already exists on your computer

The first reason why the file installer will show you an error message is that the application actually already exists on the computer because it came with the computer or because you forgot that you installed the app in the past.

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So, if the application already exists, an error will naturally appear because of how the installer file won’t be able to install an application that already exists on the computer. In this case, it is best to check your computer’s list of applications to see if you have already installed the app on it.

  1. You failed to uninstall the app properly

In some cases, we uninstall the same app because of how the application was damaged or was corrupted when you first installed it. Or maybe you uninstalled the app because you want to install a newer and updated version of it.

As such, when you click on the application installer file and it shows an error message, that means that you probably did not uninstall the app properly. You may have just deleted the folder that contained the app without actually running an uninstall program or file to completely remove or clean it up. 

If this is the case, try checking your computer’s list of installed apps to see if the app still appears there. When you see the app’s name there, that means that you weren’t able to properly uninstall the app when you first attempted to remove it from the system.

  1. The certificate has expired

There can be an instance when the certificate used to sign the application installer file has already expired. This can happen if you are opening the application installer file at a date when the certificate had already expired.

So, what you can do is to change the system’s date back to an earlier period when the certificate was still valid. What happens here is that the installer file will see that your computer is running on an earlier date before the expiration of the certificate and will successfully install the app without running into an error.

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Try to check the installer’s folder and search for the SignatureTimeStamp in the signatures.xml file. You will be able to see the file if the certificate is still valid. If the time stamp doesn’t show, that means that the certificate had already expired. As such, you can try turning the system’s time and date back to perhaps a few years ago to see if it works.

  1. The newer version of the installer is damaged

Simply put, the version of the installer you downloaded could be damaged or is corrupt. This is something that is out of your hands because the developer may have made the mistake of uploading a damaged installer file.

So, the best thing you can do here is to try to search the archives of the developer’s website so that you will be able to find older versions of the installer file. Once you do find the older versions, run the installer as is. You can just simply allow the app to use its built-in update feature to update the app to its newest version without having to use the installer file of the latest version of the app.

Trial and Error

I have said it before and will say it over and over, crafting is all about trial and error. Technology go hand in hand with the Cricut crafting world, without a computer or some sort of technological device you can not user a Cricut machine. Having the appropriate software and apps plus knowing the ins and outs of said technology is really important.

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