Are There Any Open Source Program that Works with Cricut?

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One of the best household devices that you can have if you are into arts and crafts and different activities that can bring the creative side in you is Cricut. The reason why Cricut is so special is due to the fact that the machine cuts different designs on paper and other materials such as vinyl, iron on vinyl, wood and much more for you. In that regard, to make Cricut work at its best, you need to use a good kind of program of software that is compatible with it. So, is there an open source program that actually works with Cricut?

Yes, there are open source programs that work with Cricut. Among some of the open source programs that you can use with Cricut, Inkscape tends to be the best because of how it is friendly to beginners and comes with different tools that are frequently updated due to it being open source.

Freedom of designing is something that you would want to have when you are doing arts and crafts, and Cricut provides you with that kind of freedom. Of course, using an open source program will also give you plenty of freedom to work with when you are using your Cricut machine. That is where some of the open source programs come in to help make it easier for you to explore your creative side when using Cricut.

How does Cricut work?

It’s amazing what technology can do in the world that we live in today. While we know how amazing and important certain machines are, we never thought that computers and machines could actually become very useful in the world of DIY and arts and crafts at home. This is where Cricut comes in to bridge the world of DIY and the world of technology.


Simply put, Cricut is a paper cutting machine. It acts like a printer in the sense that it looks like a printer and it functions as a printer. But the difference here is that, instead of printing something onto the paper that you feed the machine, Cricut will cut out designs. And Cricut is actually quite powerful in that it can cut cardstock, leather, and thin pieces of wood. 

The way Cricut works is actually pretty simple. It uses programs on your computer or tablet to determine what kind of designs you want to cut out on the piece of paper that you fed the machine. In a way, it is able to communicate with your computer or device so that it is aware of the patterns and shapes that it needs to cut on the piece of paper. The machine does so by using a tiny pen-like blade that will allow it to cut intricate designs with a simple press of a button.

So, in that regard, just by connecting your Cricut machine to your computer or device and by using a program on your device, you can create amazing cut-out designs on any kind of paper. Cricut essentially improved the way we can do our DIY projects and arts and crafts in the comforts of our own homes.

Can I use an open source program for Cricut?

So, in relation to Cricut and how you use it, we did say that you use programs or software that will allow you to create designs and use such designs to connect with the Cricut machine and then cut the designs out on your preferred material. As such, the second most important aspect here is using a good and compatible software that’s capable of providing you with the design tools that you need to create the designs you want.

But, as much as we would like to say that there are plenty of programs out there that are compatible with Cricut and as much as we would like to say that Cricut itself has its own program, you may want to use an open source program to create the designs that you want. That’s because open source programs are actually made to be improved by the users themselves and not by the developers behind the program.

Given that open source programs are actually improved by the people using them, it might be useful to use an open source program for Cricut. That’s because an open source program that’s compatible with Cricut is improved and updated by the people who actually use it for Cricut. So, are there open source programs that are compatible with Cricut?

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Yes, there are open source programs that you can use with Cricut. The one good example that we can think of is Inkscape, which is the top alternative open source program that many different designers use not only for coming up with many different designs while also allowing you to use such designs with Cricut.

Inkscape is completely free and is open source. That means that those who are using it and are capable of adding improvements to the program’s source code can develop improvements and updates of Inkscape and then introduce the source code to the website so that other people can also download the newer version of Inkscape. This allows you to have an improved version that is actually made to be very useful when it comes to using Inkscape for Cricut.

So, the reason why Inkscape is one of the best open source programs that you can use for Cricut is the fact that this is a program that is very easy to use. Inkscape was specifically designed to be user and beginner-friendly in the sense that it won’t take you time to learn how to use it.

On top of that, Inkscape comes with plenty of different design tools that are easy to use. This will allow you to create different intricate designs that your Cricut machine would be able to cut out of the paper of your choice.

How to use Inkscape on Cricut?

When you want to use Inkscape on Cricut, it really isn’t something that is as direct as you might think it is because you have to use Inkscape to create your designs. From there, what you need to do is to save the file.

After you saved your Inkscape design, what you need to do is to open Design Space, which is Cricut’s own design program. Open a new project and then go to Upload where you can look for different designs on your computer and then upload them on your Design Space program. Import the Inkscape design that you made and then transfer it to Design Space. From there, you are free to use the design on your Cricut machine.

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