Why is My Cricut Stuck on Preparing?

Cricut is an amazing machine that many different creative people can use on a regular basis whenever they are designing intricate artworks that need to be cut precisely. The amazing part about Cricut machines is that they can be used for hobbies or work and school because of how versatile they are. But Cricut machines are not entirely free of issues because some of them might not even work from time to time. One of the most common issues is, why is it that my Cricut gets stuck on preparing?

Design Space Preparing

In some instances, Cricut can get stuck on preparing because your design is a bit too complex for the machine to process the cut in an acceptable time. This tends to be the most common reason regarding this issue. However, in some cases, your computer might not reach the minimum system specs required by Design Space.

Running a Cricut machine can be quite easy, but that doesn’t mean that this machine isn’t free of any issues. There are some cases where Design Space, its partner program, can have a few problems here and there, especially when you are about to print a project. But the good news is that such problems are usually minor and can easily be remedied with a few solutions.

Why is my Cricut stuck on preparing?

Whether you are someone who is running a business or simply designing different works of art for personal uses or for school, there is a Cricut machine that can help you create intricate cut-out designs that are very difficult to achieve by hand. So, basically, a Cricut machine is a device that allows you to make cut-outs, as the blades inside the machine cut the design for you. It works like a printer but, instead of printing, it cuts.

Essentially, a Cricut machine should be connected to a computer and should be used together with a partner program that it is compatible with so that you can use it properly. Of course, you use your computer to command the Cricut machine to cut out a design for you. In most cases, Design Space is the preferred program that people use whenever they are using Cricut.

So, as useful as all Cricut machines may be, one of the problems you may end up having while you are using the machine is that both the Cricut machine and Design Space do not work as well as you expected them to. What that means is that the machine might be struggling to cut out designs and get stuck at preparing from time to time.

But why is it that some Cricut machines can get stuck on preparing? Well, there are a few good reasons for this, and we will go over them one by one.

  • Problems with your design

The most common reason why Cricut machines can get stuck at preparing sometimes is that there are problems with the design you are trying to cut out. We are not saying that the design does not look good but what we are merely saying is that the design might be a bit too complex for the machine to cut.

image issues in Design Space

Cricut machines have blades that do the cutting for them. While these blades are quite precise, there are some machines that are not as precise or as good as the other machines are when cutting out designs that are a bit too complex or have very small details that may be difficult for the blades to accurately cut out.

So, if your design is too complex or difficult for the blades to cut, your Cricut ends up getting stuck at preparing because it cannot move beyond that step. You are essentially asking too much from your Cricut.

  • The computer is too slow

Cricut Design Space is the partner program that Cricut users often use. Honestly speaking, Cricut Design Space is not a demanding program because its requirements can be met by most of the standard computers that you see in the market today.

However, if you are using a really old computer that is running an older operating system and has very poor specifications, that could lead to problems regarding Design Space. While this issue may not be as common as the abovementioned issue, it can still happen, especially for those who are using computers that are already antiquated in terms of the computing standards of the modern world.

So, for those using older computers, the fact that the computer is too slow or is not exactly built to handle the requirements of Cricut will make it more difficult for it and the machine to communicate properly.

  • Faulty machine

Sometimes, the only explanation that you can come up with is that your Cricut machine might be faulty. And there are times that this is actually the reason why your Cricut may be getting stuck at preparing.

A faulty Cricut machine won’t be able to properly communicate with the computer and will often get stuck at preparing.

How to fix Cricut when stuck on preparing?

If you are looking for solutions that can help solve the issue of your Cricut getting stuck at preparing, you can try these out:

  • Use another computer. If you have a newer and faster computer at home, try installing Design Space on it and hook it up with your Cricut machine.
  • Try using another design that is simpler. If you notice that the machine only gets stuck at preparing when you are trying to cut out complex designs, then there is nothing wrong with the machine. Instead, the fault is in your design.
  • You can fix your design by trying to minimize some of the more complicated details that you think the machine cannot cut out. Re-create the entire project if necessary.
  • If the problem still persists after re-creating the project or after trying a different design that is a lot simpler, then there could be something wrong with the Cricut machine. Try taking it to the nearest service center to have it checked. In some cases, the problem can be repaired, but it isn’t rare for Cricut to replace the entire machine altogether.


The conclusion to why your Cricut machine may just be something as simple as updating your computer, usually the case. Sometime it can become more than that. Either way, the best thing you can do is have some patience. Crafting should never be rushed, that is when mistakes are made.

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