Can You Use Cricut to Cut Edible Paper?

We all know that Cricut is one of the leading names when it comes to vinyl cutting machines that are capable of cutting different types of papers, cardboards, and sheets that are thin enough for the machine’s blades to cut. This leads us to the topic at hand because there are actually edible sheets of paper that are used by cake decorators when decorating their creations. So, can you use Cricut to cut edible paper?

You can use Cricut to cut edible paper, but there is a specific machine that you have to use. Theoretically, regular Cricut machines can cut edible paper, but there is no assurance as to how safe and sanitary that would be. That’s why it is best to use Cricut Cake when you are cutting edible paper.

The amazing part about Cricut is that it comes with different kinds of machines that cater to different types of creative people. This means that Cricut not only caters to its usual DIY home decorators but also to cake decorators, who use different types of edible paper for decorating their creations.

Why cut edible paper using a Cricut?

We know for a fact that Cricut is one of the leading names when it comes to the cutting machine industry because of how versatile, effective, and precise its cutting machines are. Most people who own Cricut machines use these machines to cut different types of papers or any thin material that can be used for decorative purposes or for different types of creative projects.

We also know that there is something we call edible paper, which is paper that is made using edible ingredients such as sugar. So, before we get to the point of this article, why is it that you may want to cut edible paper using Cricut? The reason is it will make your cake decorating so much easier. For example, below is one of the many cartridges that you can get for the Cricut Cake, you put this in the slot and pick the image you want to make and it tells you which color to put in and when. It even comes with a keypad so that you can select individual shapes as well.

You should know that cake decorators also use different types of edible paper that they use for decorating their cakes. Some of these papers include sugar sheets, frosting sheets, or even fondant. And a lot of cake decorators usually manually cut these sheets. Doing so will take time and effort, which some cake decorators might not have, especially when the demand for their cakes is pretty high.

So, because cake decorators need to cut the time they need for cutting edible sheets, that is when using a Cricut can come in handy for them. In that sense, Cricut machines can also be used to decorate edible products and not just for the regular decorative pieces that most DIY hobbyists create whenever they are using their Cricut machines.

Can you use a Cricut to cut edible paper?

As mentioned, there are people who use different types of edible paper that can be used for decorative purposes for their food. This is usually the case for cake decorators, who use sugar sheets and frosting paper to improve the aesthetics of certain baked goods such as cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. Now, can these decorators use Cricut to cut edible paper?

Yes, Cricut can be used for cutting edible paper because, for all intents and purposes, edible paper is actually quite similar in terms of its consistency and thickness to regular paper. The only difference here is that edible paper products are made from different materials that are edible.

So, for cake decorators out there, the good news is that Cricut can be used for cutting edible papers that are primarily used for decorative purposes. This allows you to cut the time you need to decorate your cakes and other baked goods.

However, what you should know is that, even though Cricut can cut edible paper, the important thing to understand here is that not all Cricut machines should be used for cutting edible paper. That is because when edible paper is used for decorative purposes, the goal is not just to use it to make the cake look good but also for it to be eaten along with the cake. As such, you need to understand that food sanitation is an issue here.

The point here is that there is a specific Cricut machine that can be used to cut edible paper. You shouldn’t just use any Cricut machine even though, theoretically, it still is possible to use these machines to cut edible paper. It is best to make sure that you are using the kind of Cricut machine designed to cut edible paper.

Which Cricut machine can cut edible paper?

As mentioned, Cricut has a specific machine that is made for the purpose of cutting edible paper. This means that you can invest in this machine for your kitchen needs instead of using the regular Cricut machine that you keep in your home office or workstation. So, which Cricut machine can cut edible paper?

Cricut Cake logo

The Cricut Cake is the Cricut machine that was specifically made for cake decorators out there. Its name suggests that it was designed for cutting different types of edible paper, such as sugar sheets and frosting paper.

In fact, the Cricut Cake was even designed to work without the need for you to use a computer so that you can keep it in the kitchen. This should be a machine that cake decorators should invest on if they want to cut the time it takes to cut decorative pieces for their cakes.

What makes Cricut Cake different from other Cricut machines?

Even though the Cricut Cake is a machine that was designed for cutting edible paper, it still is theoretically possible for you to cut edible paper using any other Cricut machine. So, what makes the Cricut Cake different?

Main Cricut cake with accessories

The Cricut Cake was specifically designed to cut edible paper in a way that is sanitary. That is because this machine is made using materials that are food-safe and are less likely to contaminate edible papers. Of course, this is important in the food industry because you want to make sure that you are using materials and tools that are designed to be safe enough to touch food.

On the other hand, there is no guarantee that other Cricut machines are safe to touch anything that is edible. This is why you should avoid using regular Cricut machines if you are planning to cut edible paper.

How do you use a Cricut when cutting edible paper?

If you are planning to use your Cricut Cake for cutting edible paper, here are some helpful tips:

  • It is important for you to get the right amount of shortening to use. That is because the amount of shortening will affect the cutting speed and pressure you need to use.
  • Make sure that you are using a clean mat and that you are not using anything that was used in-between projects. This ensures that your kitchen cutting station is as sanitary as possible.
  • Spread the shortening on the mat and make sure that you do not go outside this area because the mat might slip while you are cutting.
  • Make sure that you take one edible paper at a time to avoid contaminating the other papers.
  • Apply the sheet to the greased Cricut Cake mat and make sure that you smooth out all of the air bubbles.
  • Use medium when it comes to the machine’s speed and pressure.
  • It is best to cut intricate designs that are at least three inches because anything smaller than three inches may not come out perfect.
  • After cutting, keep the cutouts in a sealed bag before using them so that they won’t get contaminated or dry out.

Final Thoughts

Now you not only know that a Cricut can cut edible paper, you know which Cricut machine can (the Cricut Cake) and how to do it! Owning a Cricut Cake machine is fun and can be very useful, even more so if you have a cake or baking home business.

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