Can a Cricut Cut Sugar Sheets?

One of the things Cricut has always been known for is that it is great at cutting different types of paper or even other types of thin material that can fit into the machine and are thin enough for the blades to cut. One of the things you should know is that plenty of people also use cut-out sugar sheets whenever they are decorating cakes. So, is it possible that a Cricut can cut sugar sheets?

A Cricut machine can cut sugar sheets. Sugar sheets are edible sheets of paper that are basically just made of sugar. And while you might not want to run something that is edible through a regular Cricut machine like the Maker or the Explore, the good news for you is that there is a special Cricut Cake machine designed for anything edible.

Sugar sheets

It is amazing that Cricut actually caters not only to those who use their machines for DIY decorations at home but also to those who actually want to decorate cakes and other pastries. This is why the Cricut Cake has become quite useful among those who make a living out of decorating cakes, as this machine can actually cut through sugar sheets.

What is a sugar sheet?

While we often look at paper as something that isn’t edible and can only be used for arts and crafts, those who are in the cake decorating business know that there are different types of paper that you can actually use for decorating cakes. One such paper is the sugar sheet. But what exactly are sugar sheets?

Sugar sheets are just paper sheets that are made entirely out of sugar. These sheets are completely edible and are often used for decorating cakes and other types of pasties. You can often see sugar sheets of different colors used on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other similar treats.

So, in a way, while sugar sheets do resemble ordinary colored paper, they are actually edible sheets of paper that are for decorative purposes. They can be cut like ordinary paper but can be used in ways that ordinary paper cannot be used on.

Can a Cricut cut sugar sheets?

Going back to our point where papers can be used for decorative purposes, especially for DIY hobbyists out there, Cricut machines like the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore have become very useful because of how they can easily cut different types of paper or thin sheets automatically without the need for you to manually do the cutting. This is why different at-home hobbyists and small business owners use Cricut machines.

In line with that, we also did say that sugar sheets are used by cake decoration businesses as one of the pieces that are used to decorate different types of treats, such as cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. That means that they also cut sugar sheets of different colors into different designs that are all unique. And that can take too much time for anyone who doesn’t have the time and effort to do all of the cutting.

Cricut Cake logo

So, because sugar sheets are similar to paper both in terms of appearance and consistency, does that also mean that sugar sheets can be used on Cricut machines? Can a Cricut actually cut sugar sheets?

Yes, Cricut machines can cut sugar sheets. But what you should know is that most Cricut machines are not designed to cut sugar sheets or anything that is edible. Theoretically, they can cut sugar sheets, but some people might not want to use ordinary Cricut machines for something that is edible such as a sugar sheet.

For those who don’t want to use anything that is edible on something that usually cuts things that are not edible, the good news is that there is a special Cricut machine that is designed for people who are in the cake decorating business. That means that you don’t have to use your regular Cricut machine for cutting your sugar sheets.

Which Cricut machine can cut sugar sheets?

As mentioned, there is a specific machine that was designed to cut sugar sheets. This allows you to keep your regular Cricut machine in the office instead of in the kitchen. But which Cricut machine was designed to cut sugar sheets?

The Cricut Cake is the special Cricut machine that was specifically designed for cutting sugar sheets. And the good news is that this machine was not only made for sugar sheets because it can also cut other edible materials as well.

Some of the different edible materials that the Cricut Cake can cut include gum paste, fondant, and other types of frosting sheets. That means that this machine is a cake decorator’s dream come true because it dispenses the need for the decorators to do the cutting manually. They can just merely feed the sugar sheets into the Cricut Cake and allow the machine to do it for them. And the best part is that the Cricut Cake does not even require a computer to work.

What makes Cricut Cake different from other Cricut machines?

While we did say that Cricut machines can cut sugar sheets as well, what makes the Cricut Cake different? What is the difference between the Cricut Cake and the other Cricut machines in the market?

Cricut Cake front

Simply put, the Cricut Cake was designed to cut edible food material. Theoretically, other Cricut machines can also do this. But the thing you need to understand when you are in the food industry is that you want anything that is edible to be touched by things that are safe for edible foods.

There is no guarantee that regular Cricut machines have parts and components that can safely touch edible materials. But the Cricut Cake was designed to have parts and components that are food-safe materials. That means that this is a machine that you can trust to handle food without contaminating it.

Final Thoughts

You can cut sugar sheets with a Cricut, technically you can cut them with any Cricut machine. However, you should not cut any edible materials with any machine other than the Cricut Cake. There are several reasons for this but most importantly, it is not safe to ingest anything made with the normal Cricut machines due to the materials you use in it. Vinyl is toxic if ingested and make one very ill, the good news is that the Cricut Cake is not super expensive and you can normally find them on Ebay for about $100.

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