Parenting is HARD Y’all!!

Parenting is HARD

***Some vulgar words are dropped here, but if you don’t drop them every once in a while as a parent, in my opinion you’re not doing it right.

Parenting is HARD

Momming is hard, and it has hit me like a brick wall in the middle of a highway for no damn reason. Shit, parenting in general is hard. But momming, it’s knocks it so far out of the ballpark Babe Ruth is catching the ball in his grave. Society expects us moms to…wait for it there’s a meme for this one out there somewhere…raise kids like we don’t work 40+ hours a week and work 40+ hours a week like we don’t have kids. It is 2019 almost 2020 and it is still expected (but gradually getting better) that moms (wait, no I don’t want to single anyone out here) ALL PARENTS should work full time and raise a household and keep that household clean at all times. It is insane!! 

Also I am not being sexist, I realize after writing the first paragraph that the reality is that all parents are treated this way. 

Now y’all might see this as a rant and that’s ok, you’re still reading so I am winning your attention and that’s my point. I honestly don’t care, I am not writing this to throw attention at myself nor am I putting it out there for sympathy. I have seen so many mommas struggle lately with the ridiculous expectations that I thought that MAYBE if I started to shed some light on the subject it would grow into something bigger and MAYBE just MAYBE y’all would offer help more willingly because I know myself well enough to know that I will not ask for help, I would rather not have to ask and just do it myself. Now if someone was to offer it, I’d hand over the reigns to whatever I can and I know many other mommas and papas that would do the same. 

Society has made it so that parents get screwed when it comes to raising a family. You absolutely must work a full time job in order to support them, there is no way around it. Which means you are away from those beautiful babies for 40+ hours a week not including travel time, work trips, daycare and school. How do we expect our children to respect us as parents if they don’t ever see us?? Of course they behave in school, they see their teacher more than their parents, pathetic. I am passionately working this “side gig” of mine so that I can eliminate that part of my life. Eventually this “side gig” will become my main source of income and that will mean more time at home with my kiddos and that to me makes all of the struggle worth it. 

Parenting is hard, I know you know it. I know you are a parent reading this, if you are not find one, tell them they are appreciated and find any way that you possibly can to help them, and I do NOT mean by asking them if they need a babysitter, while they might love a well deserved night away, I can tell you from a personal preference I would MUCH rather have a clean kitchen then a night out. Honestly, we would be much more ellated if you just visited us, hung out, chatted, had a conversation with us while we enjoy the time for our family.

Parenting is HARD

One other thing. Stop excluding us just because you think we are too busy. Chances are we really are too busy but we will make the time, and even if we can’t we appreciate the offer and it makes us feel a bit more normal and at ease with all the craziness. 

Bottom line here is, we work insanely hard to do what we can with and for our families, we sacrifice so much it hurts. Society needs to stop having the expectation that a family is always going to have a neat and tidy home, in fact homes that are a bit messy are typically happier :).

Stop making us feel guilty for leaving work because our little ones are sick, or we are sick, or we have a thing with the school, we work our asses off to provide for our families and we will return after with 100% commitment and MORE production just to show you that we appreciate you allowing us to take care of our families and not give us crap for it. Am I asking you to give us unlimited sick time no, not at all. Just that you cut us some slack when it comes to raising the fam. I promise we are not all moochers here trying to milk the clock and take advantage of the company. Those aholes make us look bad. 

I really do appreciate you listening, well reading my rant here and I really HOPE that this opens up even the tiniest door in your mind and that you will lend a hand to a parent, you never know when they are on the verge of a mental breakdown and it is probably the 100th one this week.

Parenting is HARD

Until next time peeps – Ci


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